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You may access this site if you accept the terms of the following agreement:
     * This website is offered as an escort listing website for general purposes only. WE ARE NOT AN ESCORT SERVICE. WE ARE NOT AN ESCORT AGENCY. We have no control of worker activities.
     * The individuals & businesses listed on RENTBOYAUSTRALIA.COM are not our employees, nor are they associated with RENTBOYAUSTRALIA.COM in any manner.
     * All models, strippers, escorts are at least 18 years of age or older.
     * Therefore, users of this site carry the responsibility of meeting all legal requirements prior to entry.
     * I am at least 18 years of age.
     * I do not find images of partially nude adults, or other sexual material to be offensive or objectionable.
     * I agree to view this material for my own personal use, and that I am solely responsible for my actions.
     * I am not a law enforcement agent, member of a governmental agency, or any investigative body.
     * I agree not to redistribute the material contained herein on the RENTBOYAUSTRALIA.COM Website.
     * I agree, that by logging on to the RENTBOUAUSTRALIA.COM, I release and discharge the creators, owners and providers, from any and all liability that may arise from the use of this site.
     * I understand that RENTBOYAUSTRALIA.COM are not responsible for the results of any defects that may be found to exist in RENTBOYAUSTRALIA.COM web site, or any lost profits or other consequential damages that may result from such defects.
     * I accept all risks and responsibility for losses, damages, costs, waste of time and other consequences resulting directly or indirectly from using this site and any information or material available from it. RENTBOYAUSTRALIA.COM excludes all liability to any person arising directly or indirectly from using this site and any information or material available from it.
     * I have read all topics below thoroughly (section B, C, D) and I understand that losses can occur.
     * Therefore, users of this site carry the responsibility of meeting all legal requirements prior to entry especially complying with.


You will be contacting the worker directly via mobile phone, text messages. They are not our employees. You must be patient when you are making contact with the workers. Here are some tips and thoughts. It’s best that you also read through section C (NEED TO KNOW), so you know more about the game.

Express your interest to the worker early. Check his availability several days in advance to see if it can be arranged. Sort out the time for talk or text. Collecting info. Address or whereabouts, health check status, shower facility, traffic info. If you are new to this, please read NEED TO KNOW section so you know more about the game.

If you cannot make, use any good excuse and let the worker know early. This message can save his day a great deal.
If you want a fuck for 1 whole hour/or want to fuck for 1 hour, let him know before the meeting. Don’t wait until the last 10 minutes. (We have a few clients that always state that he must be able to fuck the worker for minium 1 hours in 2 hours appointment).

For regular customers who know the worker well or may be satisfied with the service (or have fallen in love with him), A few hours or dinner date, overnight or a weekend or longer is still the best experience. However, do not forget to read the following topics in NEED TO KNOW section of this document.

     * In case of robbery and crime, financial crime, please report to the police immediately. Then, the police will suggest further action. The police will contact us.
     * In case of illegal drugs used, please report to the police immediately. Then, the police will suggest further actions. The police will contact us.
     * Once we have been contacted by the police, we can take the profile down as it will be under investigation.
     * Some police will set up a fake appointment with the worker for investigation by knocking on doors or ask them to visit the hotel.
     * Most customers are too embarrassed to lodge an official report. So, you should have your procedure in place. Prepare for what to do if the situation has arisen.

You must be able to accept all risks before hiring. We would like to remind you that you have a high risk of wasting your time and money contacting the workers on our site and we will not be responsible for your loss.

     * Workers charge you according to the time spent together not by service. Minimum charge is 1 hour and part there off, if not indicated or not agreed in advance.
     * In general, If the session ends before 1 hour, the minimum booking 1 hour charge is required.
     * Some workers offer a 30-min session, but need to be negotiated before the meeting.
     * Some workers require a minimum 2-hour booking. Most workers that need to travel far to see you may require a minimum booking of 2 hours (money).
     * If you are low in cash, make sure you mention you do not have extra cash or get serious confirmation of price before meeting.
     * There may be some reasons that some workers may leave early, for example, when they feel insecure of the session for their safety or,
     * Some workers may leave early when the customers’ personal care and hygiene are not good.

How to pay the worker is based on trust. Ask yourself how much you trust the worker? Especially meeting for the first time, ask him how to pay.

     * (a) Some workers ask you to pay upfront.
     * (b) Some workers allow you to pay at the end of the session. (Most good workers offer this)
     * (c) Some workers ask you to put cash next to the bed where you both can see, and inform you that he will take it at the end. (the best practice)
     * Some workers use (b) or (c) depending on the customer they meet. If the customer doesn’t look right, go for option (c) .

     * For long-term hiring, you should have a written contract of how often you will pay the worker per day and the amount.


     * Most of the customers will lose trust when sending money to a worker and the worker hasn’t replied for several hours or never replied. Once the money has left your account, you do not have any control over it.
     * Most customers lose trust in hiring workers completely after a few incidents.

We do not allow the worker to advertise or mention the following status on our website.
     * HIV Status (or similar words also not allowed: Neg, clean)
     * On prep (PrEP)
We only allow the worker to advertise as “For full health check and status, please contact me directly”.

Fact1: A worker living with HIV has a right to remain in the workforce to the fullest extent possible, and a right to equal employment opportunities. So long as the worker practices safe sex and has an undetectable viral load he has every right to advertise and work in theindustry. An HIV person who is undetectable viral load has virtually no risk of transmission, this is reduced even further when condoms are used. You have every right to protect yourself and you are doing the right thing by asking your sex partners first. In Australia, the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 makes it illegal to discriminate on the grounds of a person’s HIV positive status for employment.

Fact2: PrEP does not protect against STIs, like gonorrhea, Chlamydia, or syphilis. (Condoms do protect against HIV, STIs, etc).

Our website may record your email address, your messages, and IP address sent through our on-line form.

(For robbery, please contact the police first, then the police will contact us. )

Please note that all complaints cannot be guaranteed that they will be resolved as we stated that there are high risk of using our website above and NEED TO KNOW information below. We may treat your complaints as “suspicious reports” only (take notes, and monitor the worker. Taking further actions on these suspicious reports is up to our discretion but all reports are valuable and we tend to collect them for our future decision).

Alternatively, if you do not want us to share the info with the worker and us, we suggested that you contact the third person, ie. police to find the resolution of the situation. I.e. set up an appointment or knock on the door.

To resolve some complaints professionally, we may share some information with the worker as he will need to know what happened and will be required to resolve such complaints in a professional manner. Your worker may know that you have submitted a complaint as we have to ask the worker why he did things and he will probably know that you sent. In most cases, the worker will contact you and try to resolve the matter in a professional manner if you state what you want and have presented the fact and proof of claim.

If you do not want us to share info with the worker, then, we may regard your complaints as a “suspicious report” only.

Use a spare mobile phone to contact the worker. We cannot control how the workers may use their mobile phones, sms, text messages for direct promotional advertising. Most workers respect the privacy of most clients by not initiating conversation unless they have been asked for. However, sometimes the mistakes or misunderstanding cases may occur and you may have received the promotional messages. If you are concerned that the workers may contact you or send text to you, please make sure you are using a spare mobile phone to contact the worker.


There are many topics in this section in addition to the sections above. It’s the best that you know all of them.

     * Hiring the workers from our sites (or any sites) never be risk-free. Moreover, in most cases, you have to admit that it can be a waste of time, money, not getting what you want, and hurting your feelings. You may end up having a bad day.
     * You will be hiring the workers at your own risks. We are not an escort agency. They are not our staff/employees. We do not have power over workers.
     * The worker paid for their ranks of advertising, the most expensive ad will appear first on the page.
     * Gaining information from our site, it's just like browsing through classified ads on other Internet sites, dating sites or newspapers. Please make sure you have taken all safety precautions when dealing with workers in all steps including but not limited to:
               * meeting arrangement,
               * meeting times and places,
               * cancellation,
               * now shows,
               * travelling,
               * checking workers' recent photos,
               * stats such as cock size,
               * rejecting workers who appeared different from ads and leave,
               * checking workers' STI status,
               * discussing about HIV status in private,
               * practicing safe/unsafe sex,
               * drugs used,
               * protecting all valuables including credit cards (skimming),
               * cash handling procedures,
               * signing short-term contract agreement,
               * signing long-term contract agreements ( how or when to pay workers, valuable items, cash).

THE ACCURACY OF INFORMATION CANNOT BE GUARANTEED ON OUR SITE. The accuracy of information, such as photos and text information on this website are not verified. The info is provided to complete your fantasy and it may not be 100% accurate. For example (but not limited to), age, weight, height, cock size, race. If you are looking for (or verifying) a specific characteristic of the worker, be specific and ask him seriously.--Try to obtain physical confirmation.

     * If you have already met the worker and paid for, it is known that you have accepted the deal as it is. It’s best that you develop the skill and reject the meeting and leave.
     * Example 1, if you are looking for 10-inch cock, ask specifically for verification
     * Example 2, if the worker advertised 10-inch cock and you expect 10-inches no less, please ask for proof.
     * Example 3, if you want a massage from the worker, please ask if he is qualified. Ask if he has a massage table, bring a table, or using bed, etc. What are involved in the sessions and for how long.
     * Example 4, if you want to date a specific race or origin, please ask him privately, some states do not allow the workers to mention the workers' race on profile. Importantly, the word "Australian" may not guarantee the origin, race or appearance.

     * Accuracy of images or photos are not guaranteed on our site. There are high risks that the photos may be too old. There is a high risk that the worker you meet may not look like the photos. Some workers may use images from the Internet that we did not know about or the image used could not be reverse-searched.
     * Always perform "Google Image Search" on the image you think it's not real to gain valuable information on the image. You can google "reverse search image google" for more info. In Chrome browser, you can click/touch the image to perform search. In FireFox, you can install "Add-on" called "Google Image Search" and restart your browser.
     * Reject the meeting right away. If you first meet the worker and you believe that he does not look like the photo or some physical characteristics are not accurate and you feel it's not right, or obviously beyond acceptance, you must reject the meeting immediately (use any polite excuses). If you decided to stay with him longer than a few minutes, it may be understood/considered that you have agreed/accepted the deal as it is.
     * If you have met the worker and obviously noticed that the worker was using someone else's photos totally, intending to mislead you to meet, please reject all offers and state clearly that he is a different person and please feel free to contact us. Give us some suspicious report, date time of meeting, place of meeting, time spent together and amount paid.
     * If you have already met the worker and paid for, it is known that you have accepted the deal as it is. It’s best that you develop the skill and reject the meeting and leave.
     * Thinking of a matchmaking website, most guys may look different because most photos are not recent and only best photos were selected and shown on profile. Most workers choose to show their best side only. Some matchmaking websites can only verify faces (but not body) this can reduce some risks but still could not remove all risks completely. Most match making websites will not verify the image of the body.
     * It may take a long time to resolve the fake images problems in some cases, so trust your instinct and choose to see only guys you trust or feel better to be with.

     * Extra care must be taken, There are high risks in hiring new guys that requests high prices on a short stay in busy cities.
     * Giving some money before meeting. Definitely high risk when you deposit a large sum of cash for a weekend away before the meeting.

When dealing with the workers, please take extra precautions in these areas.

     * Brisbane, Queensland. Risk level: High Risk.
     * Gold Coast, Queensland. Risk Level: Moderate Risk.
     * Sydney, NSW. Risk level: Moderate Risk.

     * Importantly: If something is not quite right for a professional service, or looks suspicious, please leave or reject the deal immediately.
     * Example 1: A suspicious profile (fake info, fake images) reject the deal immediately and leave. Please learn from the example given above (before this topic).
     * Example 2: A suspicious place. His place is unacceptable dirty, unorganised, obviously far more dirty to have a guest to visit, clothes everywhere, found a used condom next to the bed, or etc as you know he failed to impress. (Is this actually his place? He may be using someone else's place.) If you are in this situation, please leave immediately. The escort service is supposed to be like a date!.
     * Example 3: Do we have a deal?. You see he advertised for $300. When you visited him he asked for $400. Something might be wrong. Discuss the deal or reject the deal as you can see how unprofessional he is. You know that you can still come back to him next time or else. If you had discussed a new deal and decided to stay, It means you agreed for the deal as it is.
     * Example 4: Discount in the future. If the workers offer a discount for the next session in the future, please have it in writing or a legal contract. As your next session may be several months away, and there are high risks of losing your deal or the worker may forget about your deposit. It will be very difficult to prove or resolve the matter like this and we cannot be responsible as you know the transactions have high risk.

C.7) HIRING MORE THAN 1 HOUR ? (flight, hotel and a weekend away)
(This involves large sum of cash)

     * If you are an experienced customer or in a wealthy customer category, you can hire the worker at your own risk.
     * If you are a new (or inexperienced) customer, please read this section to the end.
     * It is unusual for a new customer to book a guy for more than 2 hours unless you are in a wealthy customer category.
     * What will you do if the worker asks you to send money $2,000 for deposit? Then, later he won’t reply to your messages for days? (Contact the police so they can set up an appointment with the worker for investigation or ask the police to email us so we can take the profile down).
     * When you are not sure about the worker, do not commit to hire more than the minimum hours at your own risk.
     * Always start with 1 hour meeting. This is to see if you and him can be compatible in the future longer meeting. Just like dating, this may be the only way to try out, and to see if he can be with you for a few hours or longer, or overnight. (Offer the worker $100+ for a time at the coffee shop together).
     * Overnight fee policy. What will you get? Plan it well. You must check the worker’s overnight fee policy. Please note that by law the workers charge you for the time spent together. This may include resting period, etc. The workers may not know what you expected. It’s best to discuss some details and state your minimum requirements.
               * What will I get from the overnight booking?
               * How many hours for dinner date?
               * How many hours for sexual activities?
               * What time we should go to bed (sleeping)?
               * What time will you be arriving?
               * What time will you be leaving (next morning? What time?) ?
               * State your minimum requirement of sexual activities (for example you want total of 3 hours sexual activities)
               * etc.

     * Example 1. For the whole evening and night, he might charge you for $1000 - $2000 but only have 2 hours of sexual activity. The rest of the time are for non sexual activities such as sleeping, living at home, dining, cuddling etc. If you want 3 hours of sexual activities, please inform him in advance and get him agreed. Set up a deal. Plan your night well and make sure you both agreed on how to spend the night. ie.
     * Perfect case 1. We have found that the workers have spent a day (or night) with regular customers who they have met hourly several times before the overnight booking. You can see that a degree of relationship between both parties has been developed. Some workers visit regular customers who live interstate over the weekend. (It's great to have a nice guy visit you for a weekend isn't it?).
     * As you can see, the long booking is great only if you have known the worker and you know that he will complete you day with his present.
     * In the worker's point of view, this will stop him seeing other customers for a day, as you know he might usually see 3 or more customers per day as it is normal for this occupation. Most workers choose to spend an overnight with a regular customer to a new unknown customer.


               * In every contract or a deal, there will always be a winner and a loser, more or less. Some workers allow you to pay at the end. Some workers ask you to pay upfront. Some workers ask you to pay a deposit. Some workers ask you to put money on the bedside. Some workers ask you to pay once per day. (But you can offer twice a day).
               * For long term hiring, the ideal written contract is that you will give money to the worker at many points in time (i.e morning and night) in the future if he has been present for the whole time in the contract. You both must be agreed on free time 1-2 hours a day.
               * In short term hiring. Some workers ask you to show that you have sufficient cash for the meeting and put it next to the bed where you both can see. (Read more in HOW TO PAY THE WORKERS)
               * You must have a written contract in place. You must obtain the receipt from the worker. You must keep all communication records.
               * If you are not in a wealthy category, be careful when you lend your money to the workers. Remember that only pay for service delivered.
               * Remember the fact that they are the workers. They are only interested in your cash. When he got paid from the job he will use this cash for his personal expenses.
               * Sometimes, the workers may present you with many reasons in order to get your cash. (ie family support, personal health etc). Think carefully.
               * Please think carefully before giving extra cash because these transactions involve high risks because we cannot help you recover your cash or you will not see it again.
               * DEPOSIT $2,000 FIRST, GET SEX LATER? NO! ie. some workers will ask for deposit of large sum of cash before meeting. Say no to this. The best way is you offer less amount to meet at the coffee shop to check who he is the guy you want to meet (say $200 just for coffee). If you really want to go ahead with the transfer, please set up a contract in writing.
               * PRE-PURCHASE AT DISCOUNT? NO! (i.e. pay $2000 now and get 5 services at a discount.) You must have a written contract for this transaction as a promise is difficult to prove and re-enforced. Some workers may present you with the cases that they need money before service delivered. They are selling you “pre-order product at discount” or etc. For example, he wants to borrow $2,000 from you now, and will return your favour by offering 5 times of services later. Most workers went away with money. It is difficult for us to verify. If you have a contract you can hire your solicitors. (However, it may not be worth hiring). If we were there, we would suggest you not to give cash in advance by any means. It is better to set a regular booking on a specific day to help the worker. For example, you can see him every Friday night, etc.
               * Deposit $250? Look like small amount? Some workers will ask for deposit of an hour before meeting. What will you do if he does not deliver any services? How can you trust him?
               * On the other hand, some workers think that you are so rich that you won't care if you lose some cash.
               * Some wealthy customers allow the worker to steal their petty cash next to the bed and stuff just to complete their fantasy.
               * Some wealthy customers enjoy giving away cash to his dream boy.
               * In conclusion, if you are not in the rich daddy category, we suggested you only pay for service delivered. Remember the fact that they are the workers.


One simple warning. Do not send money.

The best practice of how to pay is face-to-face, that you and the worker agreed, to put cash next the the bed where you both can see, and the worker inform you that he will take the money at the end.

               * Most of the customers will lose trust when sending money to a worker and the worker hasn’t replied for several hours or never replied. Once the money have left your account, you do not have any control over it. It will be difficult to prove. You may need to present your communication and payment records.
               * Deposit: Some workers ask you to pay a deposit on-line or at the bank. The bank cannot help you recover the money because the bank also have a contract that you signed that you must check the details and accept all risks from non-bank errors. When you send money, it will be gone forever and may be unable to get back.
               * If you are paying deposit, ask to see the refund policy and cancellation fee. How can you get a refund and how much? If you cannot obtain the ID, details and have no trust. Do not send money. If possible, do not send money at all.
               * FYI you can ask for the worker's full name, BSB, A/C number and go to the worker’s bank to verify them.
               * Cardless ATM: When you send money to the worker by cashless ATM, Under the Cardless Cash T&Cs, you are responsible for loss of cash or loss from sharing a Cardless Cash code.
               * To minimise the risk, hire for a minimum period to see if you both can get along well to establish some trust.
               * Remember, the transaction is never risk-free. Please deal carefully.
We cannot help much, please prevent this to happen.

When you decided to develop a boyfriend relationship with a worker, remember that this is very high risk. Many customers became regulars to the workers. Sometimes, the customers think that the relationship has developed into a part-time or full-time boyfriend. Some customers loved to spend a lot on the workers. One day, the relationship has ended. Then, the customers started to send complaints. It's very difficult for us to help. If we were there, we would have suggested that you only pay for the minimum time spent together. We have tried our best to inform you and all customers that hiring the workers from our site (or in this business) is never risk-free. Remember, most guys from gay escort website including us need money, a large sum of money.

Most of the meeting places will have a bathroom. Plan how to use the bathroom well.

The worker uses the bathroom to hide everything from your view. Not all bad stuff. Some workers change to their new underwear, get themselves cleaned, (some will take a viagra), freshen up before meeting customers in the bedroom etc. Some workers put their bags in the bathroom so you cannot reach them.

On the other hand, when you go into the bathroom for shower or do private stuff, did you leave your valuable things behind and could not see them? The worker may go through your stuff. Some will take your valuables and leave you behind. The ideal plan is to bring your belongings with you as less as possible. You should have many pockets in your jackets and pants to store valuables. Take all valuables with you when you shower and re-check it before you both separate.

Some workers will advise you to keep your wallet close to you at all times, including when you are going to use the bathroom.

There are higher risks of hiring the worker than usual. You should have all extra precautions including, but not limited to, meeting, money handling, how to pay, emergency plan, ie. how to get yourself out of a bad situation where you need physical help.
Some (or we can say Many) workers take full advantage of this situation and get away with your money and leave you behind. You may end up in an awkward situation and feel that you do not want to take further legal action towards the worker. When there is no legal action, it will be difficult for us to take actions towards the workers.
As a client, you should have your risk management plan in place. (What to do in these situations including when the loss occurs).
From our experiences, the ideal, safety-first set up (that we had a report years ago) was that you and your flatmate agreed to help you to arrange the meeting. Your flatmate lives in a house that...there is a living room and a bedroom (close or far apart). Your flatmate knows you are having a friend (a worker) for an evening. Your flatmate may be watching TV or doing things in the living room while you and the worker spend time together for 1 hour in the bed room and leave. Your flat mate also knows how to help you in various situations or knock on the door to check on you in 1 hour.


All escorts/workers must accept all terms in all sections below:

               * All escorts/workers carry the responsibility of meeting all legal requirements prior to entry especially complying with particular Australian state laws from which you plan to operate.
               * If you plan to visit QLD, VIC please ask us at least 14 days in advance for preparation.
               * All escorts/workers must cooperate with our site when we are trying to resolve conflict/inquiries and must try to solve the problems in a polite way/professional manner only.
               * All escorts/workers must be able to resolve any conflicts, general inquiries, inquiries about photos or resolve all complaints professionally including from unsatisfied customers, undelivered services, genuine inquiries or the other workers that you planned to work together.
               * All escorts/workers must reply to all genuine inquiries. (ie. If you do not wish to see a client, then they should at least have the courtesy to tell them at least via text.)
               * All escorts/workers may be required to submit proof of photos and video identification when required (we will send out instructions).
               * All escorts/workers must be able to submit face and body verification using video files (confidential) upon requests or hire one of our photographers to verify the image at cost (dispute).
               * All escorts/workers with ambiguous images/photos or ambiguous points of present (for example there was another Facebook page that also has exactly like your profile in other countries and cannot be verified), the profile may be removed from the site. If you want to use those images, please ask us how to get them verified.
               * All escorts/workers must be polite to customers and us at all times both on-line and off-line, mobile communication, txt, sms, online messages and also in advertisement.
               * We do not solve conflicts between 2 or more workers. We will not reply to emails on this matter.
               * All escorts/workers must publish their phone numbers on-line at all times.
               * All escorts/workers in Victoria must publish their SWA numbers on-line at all times.
               * All escorts/workers must commit to safe sex practice.
               * All escorts/workers must not disclose HIV status, on PrEP status and STI status on profile.
               * All escorts/workers must accept the site design as it is.
               * Advertisements on our site do not guarantee jobs in any circumstances.
               * We do not guarantee jobs even if you advertise at FIRST/SECOND or any premium places. Please study well before you purchase.
               * All escorts/workers must accept our new terms in the future or terminate the account if they cannot accept all terms.
A profile must be an individual or with 1 permanent partner only. Your partner must have a listing on our site.
Especially, in Queensland and Victoria, by law 1 profile must list 1 single individual only. Explanation below:
               * In the states of Queensland (Gold Coast, Brisbane, Cairns, etc) and Victoria. Duo, double, threesome, and group are NOT ALLOWED by law.
               * For other states, you can only advertise 1 partner (as Duo), one person only, you can mention that your partner is working with you. Your partner that you mentioned must have a profile on our site and using a different mobile phone number and have already paid in full. Your partner must be permanent. You are not allowed to change your partner daily and weekly.
               * WE DO NOT ALLOW GROUP ACTION: All escorts/worker must not offer offer group activity in advertising (meeting of more than 2 persons including yourself and your partner) Note: In the state of QLD and VIC. We do not allow this type ad at all.
Especially in QLD and VIC, on the sex worker listing website like us. You cannot use the word “massage” and similar words (such as masseur is also not allowed) on your profile in the state of QLD and VIC. You also cannot use the photo to convey similar messages. (Photo of a guy on a massage table, a photo of the massage table is also not allowed).

If you request a large sum of cash from your customer by any means, you must surrender your contract and refund / cancellation policy to your customer. You must specified in what case you will get full refund, half refund and will not be refunded.

               * We do not refund if your case involves fraud, misleading images, ambiguous images/photos as we require all workers to be trustworthy. In some cases, we may only allow 3 days to be compiled.
               * Membership fees and premium ad payment used are not refundable. Make sure you study well about the industry before you advertise.
               * TOP 3 (FIRST/SECOND/THIRD) AD, cancellation/refund request must be submitted 10 days in advance. We reserve the right to keep the advertising fee for the period from now ( if your ad must be online today) and the next 10 days.
               * During the peak period, high-season, or gay festival such as Sydney Gay Mardi Gras or other special events, you must accept that there may be too many workers/advertisers in premium sections.

Gay escorts in Australia are waiting for you. RENTBOYAUSTRALIA.COM has an extensive listing of gay escorts around Australia.

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