By Aaron Lawrence

Re-published on RBA with Mr Lawrence's permission. Visit his website, for more information about gay escort service for first time clients.

In theory, hiring an escort is easy. You call or e-mail him, ask him his rates and availability, and then schedule an appointment. In reality though, the process is far more involved. Anyone can buy themselves a quick fuck. Finding an attractive escort who matches the client's personality, needs, and sexual style is far more difficult. The process can be made considerably smoother by remembering ten simple tips.

  1. Listen to your instincts. To quote the old Spider-Man comics, always trust your "spider sense." If at any time you feel wary about your medical, physical, or legal safety, decline to meet the escort. If you're in the middle of the encounter, do whatever you have to do to get out of the situation safely. It's better for you to be out a few hundred bucks than to risk the situation becoming dangerous.
  2. Always talk to him first. Judge the escort based on how he acts on the phone. A good escort will be friendly, helpful, and should put you at ease.
  3. Know that escorting is legally dangerous. You may feel confident the escort is legitimate, but he has no such assurances about you. While you may legitimately want to know what type of sex you can buy, he may be worried you're an undercover officer. There is no good way around this dilemma, except to gain the escort's trust on the phone. Instead of asking him what sexual services he provides, tell him what sort of sex you're looking for.
  4. Be specific. If you only want an escort who is 18 years old, a non-smoker, has a pierced dick, or is skilled at bondage, make it very clear in advance. Even if the escort advertises himself as having a ten-inch dick, make it clear if you want ten inches and are not willing to settle for half-an-inch less.
  5. Specify unusual requests. Most escorts do what you see in your typical gay porn movie. If you want to do something that involves a fetish or is a bit more exotic, make the request clear in advance. You may find it an easy and reasonable request to ask that an escort dominate you, but many escorts find it an unduly stressful and unpleasant experiences. It is also a good idea to confirm the basics, such as kissing or wanting to fuck the escort.
  6. Avoid negotiation. Most escorts will quote an hourly rate. Although some will lower their rates if you attempt to bargain, doing so will typically encourage the escort to be less receptive to your needs during the meeting. From his perspective you're being cheap, so why should he go out of his way to treat you like a VIP? If your money is in short supply, you may want to ask the escort if he provides erotic massage. Typically this involves massage and masturbation rather than "full service," but costs half as much as a typical escort's price.
  7. Ask if he "parties". (In Australia may be known as PNP "Party and Play") "Party" is slang for using drugs, so this question is a great way to screen out any escort that enjoys being under the influence. If he replies that he does not or does not understand the question, you are probably fine. Of course, knowledgeable escorts will suspect you do drugs at this point, so you may need to assure him that you don't.
  8. Ask for a recent picture. Look at multiple pictures of the escort, and ask the escort if he has changed his look since they were taken. This is most easily done on the Internet. Good escorts usually change their pictures at least once every year (Really vain escorts change them once every month).
  9. Pay Now or Pay Later? Ask the escort if he requires payment up front, or if he will accept the money at the end of the encounter. In prostitution circles, typically only the less trusting and inexperienced escorts require payment up front, although agency employees, hustlers, and male strippers may do so. If an escort says he requires his money up front, consider that a warning sign that he may not be very good at what he does.
  10. Do your research. Visit the Male Escort Review website/Daddy Review. It's badly in need of a graphic designer, but the content is pure gold. It contains several thousand reviews of male escorts and their services from around the world. Additionally it has a message section where you can ask about escorts who do not have reviews posted. If you find the website to be useful, consider making a donation to the site. The webmaster runs the entire site on a volunteer basis, and pays a considerable amount of his own money to do so.
Originally published in Unzipped, December 2000