If he cannot answer the phone, leave some messages or ask him to call you back. Otherwise, try to call him again later because there is no operator/middlemen. It is good for you because this will be very discreet. So, please be patient.

If he answers the phone, please ask him if he is able to talk about his escort advertising because he may be in the situation that he cannot discuss (for example, he cannot discuss how big his cock is when he is in the class room, at the supermarket, being at his mum's or etc).

Sort out the time for talk. He will be able to find the time to call you back shortly because you are his first priority. If you would like to get the answer from him on the spot, try to ask him YES/NO questions.


Sort out the time and place. Escorts in your area will need approximately 1-2 hours notice for local appointment. He will need time to finish what he is doing and plan to travel to see you. This time will also allow him to look at his best. If it's going to be your last night in town, book as early as possible, a day or more in advance.

If you travel from overseas/interstates and only stay in the city for a few nights, call him from your city. Express your interest of hiring and ask him to hold your booking until certain reasonably time. Then, try to contact him again when you have arrived and have checked into your hotel room to confirm the appointment. This is the way you insert yourself into the busy boy diary. This will allow him to take other clients if he doesn't hear from you at the agreed time. He won't complain word.


As soon as you know that you cannot make it, please let him know ASAP. He will be very happy and understand you for "whatever reason" you give. Don't be a no show customer. This one important message can save his day.


When you call him from your hotel room (or leave the message for him to return your call), please give him your room number with your name or surname. Otherwise, the operator will refuse to transfer calls to your room especially in 5-start/luxuries hotels. If you have made the arrangement to meet him, advise him how to get access to your hotel room.


He will be very happy to accept your call if you send your number when you make a call.

To send you number from an Australian phone/mobile dail 1832 and follow by mobile phone number. For example, if an escort number is 0400 000 000, you dail 1832 0400 000 000.

To call anonymously from an Australian phone/mobile, dail 1831 and follow by his number.

It is unable to send the number from any Australian public pay phone. If you are unable to send the number, please offer a call back to his mobile phone 15 mins before the appointment. So he knows that you are coming.

If your mobile phone is on an international roaming in Australia, you can SMS him towards the appointment time to confirm that you are coming. You can SMS him using his number that usually begins with +61 prefix. For example, +61 400 000 000 means you will SMS to his mobile phone number 0400 000 000.


If you are his new client, he prefers receiving your phone call to your SMS.

Try to avoid the questions not related to "the appointment" or endless questions. The bad examples are..."What do you do exactly?", "how big is your cock?", "how much do you charge?", "do you rim?" Those questions usually require immediate correspondence over the phone. They also initiates subsequent questions. Of course, he can answer all the questions you would like to know. But please calll him. Don't be shy when you talk to him. He has been asked those questions hundred times.

Try these SMSs: "Can you come to visit me at my hotel (state the name of the hotel) 11pm tonight? for 2hours", "Are you free? I would like to call and ask questions about your service".

If you are his regulars, SMS bookings are very useful. You can organise an appointment with him from the coporate meeting room quietly. This is the great way to manage your valuable time.