First of all, you should check our Age of consent for Australia's states and territories.

No matter who you are, you'll see the words 'boy' and 'escort' quite a lot on RBA - and we intend them to mean any male whom we find sexually interesting. Doesn't necessarily have to be a young guy. RBA boys are at least 18 years old - they are private escorts, masseurs, strippers, photographers, models and whoever appears on our website.

In general, a good time with a private boy in Australia will cost you around AUD $150 - AUD $300 per hour + travel cost + ticket to events or depending on their offers. From our researches, the cost of escort service in Australia is not expensive comparing to other countries. Especially, on RENTBOYAUSTRALIA.COM, you will always get the best value for your money and found some good bargains. The discussion of rates and exchange of money for most escorts are for the time spend together. If you cannot find the boy in your area, try to fly him from other states. Many professional boys were always on tour during the year, so you may have a chance to meet them.

Hiring a private escort in Australia is generally cheaper than booking through an agency. If you hire a professional escorts, you will get a better service because it's his own business. He has to keep you and build up his clientèle. Of course, you are the boss.

We do not recommend you to hire an escort that charge lower than the above mentioned rate because he is too cheap and may not response to your needs during encounter. Thus, it may result in an unprofessional service. Then, you may feel that you would like to hire another one after the first encounter because your fantasy cannot be fulfilled. So it ends up in much more expensive cost. So the good advice is to avoid negotiation and let him entertain you like a VIP, then you will get the best of him.

There are some risks on hiring escorts on our site. It is also the same as hiring from other sites and newspaper classified ads. In short, if you are going to pay big money, be specific of what you are looking for. Do some researches from other escorts web sites or old gay newspapers.

Finally, If you really have a good time or would like to hire him again, give him some tips. (It doesn't need to be a big one). He will know right away that you value his effort and it is the way you show the respect after you have used him for whatever you pleased. Next time, you will become his first class clients - he will be very willing and responsive. If you are oe of his regular clients, he will always return your calls, response your messages and always put your booking on first priority, always try to accommodate you in his busy schedule. Sometimes, he will be more relaxed about time. Your experience will be unforgettable. It's true that "you got what you paid for" is still around the boys' business.