Escort Etiquette

By Mark Charles, A professional Escort from Australia.

With permission from Mark Charles for RBA, He is no longer escorting. However, when it was in his time, he was one of innovative & well educated gay escorts in Melbourne we have found.

Escort Etiquette

Understand, though, that they might not be able to fully describe over the phone what they do because they don't want to get busted. [although in Melbourne, escorting and sex work are permitted in law; however the advertisements, and what one can discuss in advance, are both regulated. 'street

-work' is illegal for both client and worker - Mark].

Escorts are human beings and they like to be treated as such. They don't like being treated like low life whores. The happier you make them, the happier they make you. I recommend that you prepare for your escort's arrival the same way you would for a date. After all, escorts offer more than just sex. Often you get good conversation and personal companionship as well. And you get these other services by being as nice to them as to any other guy you date.

So, take a bath, ensuring that you are clean 'down-there', and brush your teeth. Put on some music if that's what you're into.

When the escort arrives, treat the evening like a dream blind date. Smile, be friendly. Invite him to sit down, if you want a chat first to discuss your likes and dislikes [remember that one man's pleasure is another man's pain] or simply suggest that you go straight through to the bedroom. However it is important to remember that the more you discuss your needs and wants, the more fulfilling the experience will be for you. Escorts are just that - escorts, and not psychics.

If you're embarrassed or nervous, let him know it's your first time and that you feel a little awkward. This helps him to help you relax, talk a little more, and allow you to get comfortable. Everyone has a first time for calling an escort service and part of the escort's job is to let you know how to do it. Eventually he will ask you, "What do you want to do?"

When he asks you this, you are expected to tell him what you want. This is usually an awkward moment if it's your first time. What you want to get across is whether you want to get laid, just want head, or some fantasy that you may feel embarrassed about. These guys aren't shy and will have heard it all before [and a hell of a lot worse, no doubt!!!] - you can be comfortable talking to them about your sexual interests. That is what they are there for and they aren't bashful.

He also needs to let you know that he's expecting you to pay up front, or at least you should put the money on a table in full view of both of you. If you don't know what to do and it's your first time, just say so. That way he can give you the information you need.

He is trying to give you the pleasures you want, so the more accurately you communicate with him, the easier it is for him to satisfy you as a customer. After you let him know what you want it's time to give him the money. He'll let you know what he expects and how to pay him.

[In case of using escort agency] After he's been paid, he will usually have to call in, and let them know he has arrived, been paid, and that everything is fine. After he gets off the phone, he's all yours. This is the time to start getting relaxed with the escort, time for a little small talk. He may ask what you do; you might ask how long he's been working in this field and what he likes. There are only two things that you should never ask an escort, for obvious reasons, and they are "Do you have a boyfriend?" and "What type of guys do you usually go for?".

If you're having personal problems, you might want to talk to him about them. This is an anonymous person, who is a man, and you can ask him anything about guys that you would be afraid to ask other men you know. Most escorts love to answer these questions and they are glad to fill you in on the secrets that hardly any guys know.

At some point you can will ask him if you want to "get comfortable." This means "are you ready to have sex?" Your job now is to lead him to the bedroom where at all times you should respect the limits that you both agreed before hand. Relax and enjoy it. He's a pro and you're the client. This isn't a man that you have to impress. He's been with a lot of other men who are a lot better looking than you, and a lot worse looking than you. As far as comparing yourself to other clients, if you are clean, sober, and nice to him, then you're already in the top 10% of all clients and you're doing just fine.

If you're still nervous, you might ask him to start out with a back rub to get used to touching each other. Take your time. If this is your first time and you're uncomfortable, you might want to agree up front that you may need extra time and work out the cost of an extension.

A condom is required which he should provide, and before you begin he should do a visual check for STD's. This protects both you and him. Don't ask if you can skip it or the condom.

If you find an escort you like and you see him many times, the sex usually gets better. You get to know each other better and know what each other likes. Like any relationship, the more time you spend together the better you get at it. After a few sessions with the same person you become what is called a "regular". Escorts prefer to see regulars because they know what to expect, and know you're not a trouble maker.

One way you can tell if your escort considers you a regular is when you pay. If he let's you pay afterwards, then you're a regular. However just as you wouldn't expect freebies from your doctor or lawyer, don't expect freebies from your escort. If he has made you feel like a friend or lover, then that's his job done well. If escorts gave freebies to all their regulars then the good ones would soon go out of business!!!

Also it is courtesy to offer the escort a shower afterwards, however drinks and coffee and the like, although often appreciated, are not expected.

Sometimes your first experience with a service isn't what you expected. You may have been emotionally too upset. You may not have known exactly what you wanted. Maybe you couldn't come. That's not unusual, especially the first time. It takes a while for some people to learn how to have sex with a total stranger. A certain part of sex is learned behaviour and sometimes you have to try a few times to get it right. But once you get into it you'll find it's well worth it and you'll be able to do things you never dreamed.

On a final note - remember that it is not just the escort's responsibility to keep an eye on the time. If you agreed upon one hour, then remember that that is from the time he arrived, not the time you got into bed. So don't leave it until the 59th minute before telling him that you want to get fucked or whatever. It is your responsibility to tell the escort what you would like done early enough so that you can come within the hour.